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Gaming/E-sport Supplement Manufacturing!

Gaming supplements are big business, with the e-sports world currently worth 1 billion and set to increase in value too. With the rise of this new form of e-sports also comes the need for a competitive advantage both during competitions and in the training process. As the sports often require extended periods of concentration, repetitive movements combined with hand & eye coordination those who partake are turning to sports supplement products and nootropics to help gain this edge.

The attraction of E-sports which regularly now sells out stadiums, has a massive viewership and even has their own 'Esports teams', where those at the top of the sport are seen in much a similar light as elite athletes in any other traditional sport. This means that these athletes create an aspirational aspect to the followers of both becoming famous and wealthy.

The demand for this competitive edge has created its own genre of supplements and Blackburn Distributions are experts in helping formulate & manufacture gaming supplements that give the gamer the edge and whilst ensuring supplement brands' healthy profits.




The Gaming market is home to 3 billion active gamers and the Esports industry was valued at 1.8 billion in 2022 with predictions to grow to by 7.8% CAGR. This is rising significantly faster than music or movies as entertainment sectors. 7 times higher than music and 3 times higher than films.

As a result, the industry has seen a huge uptick in investment from venture capitalists, and more recently from private equity firms. The number of investments in esports doubled in 2018, going from 34 in 2017 to 68 in 2018, per Deloitte. That's reflected in the total dollars invested, too: Investments are up to $4.5 billion in 2018 from just $490 million the year before, a staggering YoY growth rate of 837%, per Deloitte.

This offers huge potential in a market that although is seeing more newcomers in terms of supplement brands has a lot of room for competition in a fast-growing market allowing those getting in at this time to still have room to take market share both now and into the future building a strong and well-known brand.


The gaming target market is built up of predominantly, although not exclusively, 18-35-year-old male gamers who generally come from more affluent backgrounds, they are not the typical computer nerd type, who have a high focus on excelling at their chosen games and due to the nature of what they see the top E-athletes doing are taking more and more an athletic & scientific approach to being the best. Part of this leads to others looking at this as a potential career path and emulating the training regimes as it is clearly shown during the shows just as other sports show the training background e.g boxing and football.

Gamers prioritize this pastime/sport as a way to spend disposable income and as gaming is highly competitive and social it comes with a degree of pride and the desire to win is high resulting in a higher willingness to spend on improving their performance.

The cost of products range from £4.45 to £34.95 with an average sale value of £28.95. The average cost of developing a finished product is around £2250 for 200 tubs (depending on ingredients used and amount of ingredients of course) which results in gross profit margins of 65%.


Great science with the excellent synergy of ingredients and providing differentiation. Incorporate b vitamins as part of the formulation.

Improved cognitive & memory performance:

Increasing nitric oxide to the brain for relaxation of the blood vessels resulting in higher levels of blood flow to the brain whilst transporting the key ingredients from the formulation for maximum impact


Boosting Nitric oxide ingredients:

L- Citrulline – L-citrulline appears to boost Nitric oxide derivatives reliably following oral consumption of citrulline supplementation without increasing blood pressure.

Curcumin   80mg of bioavailability enhanced curcumin supplement with black pepper extract has been shown to increase nitric oxide in serum by 40%, which is larger than many other dietary supplements.

Garlic - Garlic’s active molecule is called alliin. This turns into a variety of fat and water-soluble sulfur-containing compounds. By tapping into bodies hydrogen sulfide signalling system, garlic relaxes the blood vessels and provides a variety of health benefits.

L-Choline Bitartrate - choline to the brain which is an essential item as a neurotransmitter. 90% of the population does not receive enough choline from diet. Those involved in sports actually have even lower levels of choline. Choline Bitartrate is an essential component of cell walls. It contributes to normal lipid metabolism. Choline Bitartrate contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism.

Bacopa monnieri - Bacopa monnieri is a herb often used in Indian medicine. It is taken for the purpose of improving cognitive function, stress relief, and a general enhancement of vitality. Bacopa monnieri interacts with the dopamine and serotonin systems, but its main mechanism concerns promoting neuron communication. It does this by increasing the growth of dendrites. Bacopa monnieri also has antioxidant effects.

Increased Energy:

Acetyl l Carnitine - evidence suggests that it may exert some of its potential beneficial effects by supporting cellular energy production, increasing nitric oxide levels, protecting cellular membranes from oxidative stress and reducing inflammation.

Creatine - Creatine is a particularly important source of fuel for neurons. Creatine stores high-energy phosphate groups in the form of phosphocreatine. These phosphate groups are donated to ADP to regenerate it to ATP, the primary energy carrier in the body. This is particularly relevant under conditions of high energy demand, such as intense physical or mental activity.

Guarana - Guarana is supplemented primarily for its stimulant properties whilst having levels of caffeine the side effects from the stimulants are much lower than other stimulants providing focus without the downsides.

Protecting Vision:

Beta carotene (vitamin A) - Vitamin A is involved in the modulation of skin health, vision, the immune system, and gene transcription. In Beta carotene it is retinaldehyde that binds certain proteins to the cones and rods of the eye, allowing the eye to function in low-light environments.

Zinc  - Your eyes contain high levels of zinc. It is a part of many essential enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase, which works as an antioxidant. It is also involved in the formation of visual pigments in your retina.

Leutin – A macro study into this widely consumed ingredient in the diet has shown Lutein qualifies as a powerful antioxidant and its favourable effects on eye health. Also, L has beneficial effects on other tissues, especially the brain, where it was associated with improved cognitive performance.

Zeaaxanthin – Zeaxanthin and the other common metabolite Meso-zeaxanthin are known as the macular carotenoids (macular pigments) due to their high presence in the human retina. These help protect the eyes from light-induced damage and is highly protective against age-related macular degeneration.

Recovery & Relaxation:

5-HTP – This aids the production of serotonin, experts believe it can play a role in reducing anxiety, stress and depression. A 2012 study found that taking 5-HTP symptoms of panic and anxiety and 5-HTP can help to relax the mind and prepare the body for bed at night.

Lavender - In studies on oral supplementation in people with anxiety, lavender was shown to alleviate anxiety, improve sleep quality and increase sleep duration.

Magnesium - Magnesium is a dietary mineral that plays an important role in the brain. Hypomagnesemia (subnormal magnesium levels in the blood) can result in abnormal neuronal excitations leading to impaired sleep.

Glycine - In persons undergoing mild sleep deprivation glycine an hour prior to sleep is able to increase sleep quality and improve self-reports of fatigue and well-being the next day due to better sleep.

Lemon Balm - An increase in self-reported ratings of 'calmness' appears to exist following ingestion of lemon balm in single doses.  

Challenges faced

Delivered in novel and convenient ways – We see brands looking to differentiate their product by delivering these in more novel and unique ways which is both in the actual products delivery method such as coloured/flavoured capsules or when a powdered energy drinks product the flavours offered and the outer packaging having more funky designs to stand out and appeal to the more edgy consumers.

The Taste:

When dealing with products that are powdered overcoming taste profiles of some active ingredients can prove a challenge and that is where Blackburn Distributions can assist having over 10 years' experience in creating these supplements our team are experts in understanding how to balance difficult products flavours and optimise the customer experience.

As a number of the active ingredients are used are hygroscopic considerations need to be taken on making sure the products have a stable formulation that will last on the shelf whilst trying to minimize the number of fillers or excipients to achieve this.

Deciding what ingredients to include:

Often customers have only initial ideas or sometimes require full guidance on the ingredients that will provide the most benefits which is where our formulation team come in and can help with full product development and formulation creation. We only pick products that have both scientific research supporting their use and try to ensure that product can legally make as many claims as possible on the label and marketing materials

Many herbal supplements or amino acids are difficult to make soluble in powdered products and experience has taught us how to obtain the most soluble forms of these supplements and the best ratios to mix them in removing a high degree of experimentation and cost in the new product development process.

It is becoming more popular for consumers to be aware of branded ingredients and request them in their products just the same as intel is in computers, we have access to a wide range of these and can assist in getting the products signed off so they can be used within them. These branded ingredients include X, Y ,Z . the benefits of using these products mean that they often have approved health claims against them as well as having done significant marketing around them which is very slick and can be incorporated into your marketing messages with ease. It should be noted that this does come with increased costs.

Deciding on Packaging:

Packaging is essential to how a product looks and feels and delivers that brand experience to a customer and the perceived value. We have sourced and filled into a wide variety of packaging from a large glass gold rifle bullet-shaped container to small 50ml easy carry and postage-friendly packaging. Speak to our team about the possibilities.

Due to ever-increasing legal requirements knowledge on labelling is paramount and incorporating this into your designs can be a daunting process. There are many guides on what is required and these can be different for each country, building up such knowledge is a lengthy process and highly technical. We can provide a full label advisory service saving you time and providing peace of mind that this has been fully checked and vetted..


The fulfilment of your goods

The growth of ecommerce has provided excellent opportunities to those starting up or even brands expanding to take advantage of fulfilment services reducing infrastructure costs and overheads in handling the process. We have significant experience dealing with amazon FBA as well as private providers such as Abstrakt who can offer from order to delivery services leaving you to focus on the marketing and promotion of the product.

The nootropics industry has a largely untouched opportunity in e-Sports

Nootropics, sometimes called "smart drugs", are a class of drugs or dietary supplements that claim to improve mental performance. Nootropics have many benefits and are often taken in an effort to enhance cognitive function, concentration, and focus.

The use of nootropics is becoming increasingly popular among students and professionals who are looking for an edge in the classroom or the boardroom. However, the nootropics industry has largely ignored the burgeoning e-Sports market. E-Sports is a rapidly growing industry that attracts millions of spectators and hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money each year. Gaming supplements are a billion-dollar industry, but nootropics have yet to make inroads into this market.

There are several reasons for this. First, the e-Sports market is still relatively young and niche. Second, many professional gamers are loath to take performance-enhancing drugs or supplements for fear of being banned from competition. Finally, the use of nootropics is still somewhat shrouded in mystery; few people know what they are or how they work.

However, as the e-Sports market continues to grow and mature, the nootropics industry would be wise to start paying attention. The e-Sports market presents a huge untapped opportunity for growth and expansion. Nootropics could be the next big thing in gaming supplements, but only if the industry is willing to take a chance on this emerging market.

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