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Biotin Powder (Vitamin H) 100% Pure

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  • Biotin is commonly referred to as both Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H, and it plays a crucial role in the production of energy within cells and supporting cell growth.
  • Additionally, biotin is widely utilized to promote the health of hair and nails.

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Our Biotin is a white crystalline powder with 100% purity. This product’s certificate of analysis is available on the tab above.  Please Note: Pure Biotin (Vitamin H/B7) is extremely potent and requires very small dosage to be effective, please check the warnings below and read the instruction & care sheet provided with the product. This product must be weighed using accurate weighing scales to 2 decimal places which can be purchased here.

Vitamin H supplements used as they are involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, both in humans and in other organisms, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble B vitamin which serves as a co-factor for several carboxylases that play critical roles in the synthesis of fatty acids, the catabolism of branched-chain amino acids and gluconeogenesis.

Deficiency of Biotin can be caused by inadequate dietary intake (rare) or inheritance of one or more inborn genetic disorders that affect biotin metabolism. The most common among these is biotinidase deficiency. Low activity of this enzyme causes a failure to recycle biotin from biocytin. Rarer are carboxylase and biotin transporter deficiences. Subclinical deficiency can cause mild symptoms, such as hair thinning, brittle fingernails, or skin rash, typically on the face

Vitamin H is also incorporated into topical hair and skin products.

  • Biotin plays a role in producing energy in your body
  • Vitamin B7 is impportant for protein and amino acid metabolism.

Doses should not be taken in more than 40µg (40mcg) at any one serving and no more than40µg (40mcg) per day without seeking prior medical advice.
 THE EU NRV IS 0.05mg

Biotin powder is highly potent stimulant and requires a small dosage to provide strong effects. It is critical that Biotin powder is weighed out using accurate scales that are capable of measuring to at least two decimal places in milligrams. You can purchase these scales cheaply from our website or other reputable vendors online.

Bitoin powder is highly potent and it is not recommended to be measured out without accurate weighing scales and being very mindful of the dosage. We cannot express enough how important the correct dosage is of this product is. Always start low and work higher.

We do not provide scoops for measuring this product out as they do not provide consistent dosing. DO NOT under any circumstances use teaspoon or other volume based measurements to dose this product. A single teaspoon of pure powdered Biotin is roughly equivalent to 4 grams.

Do not take if you are under the age of 18 or have any previous medical conditions. Keep out of the reach of children. Always check with a medical practitioner before taking new supplements.

Biotin Usage, Dosage and Side Effects:

How Biotin can be taken by adding the recommended dose to drinks such as water or fruit juice, or by placing the recommended dose into empty capsules and swallowed.
When Biotin can be taken at any point during the day.
Dosage The Adequate Intake (AI) for adults is set at 40 µg/day (40mcg). The AI for adults also applies to pregnant women.  Higher doses can be taken for specifc medical conditions, please consult a medical professional for further advice.
Side Effects There are currently no known adverse side effects of Biotin supplementation when taken in the recommended dose.


Advisory Information

The products sold by LifeLab are not intended to diagnose, treat, restore, correct or modify any functions in human beings. They are solely intended to help maintain & support a healthy lifestyle. The claims presented have not be evaluated by the FDA or the MHRA. We recommend that you seek advice from a fully qualified healthcare professional before consuming any of these products especially if you are taking other medications or pregnant. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients Biotin Powder Suitable For Non-Vegetarians, Vegans, Vegetarians
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